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Hawthornes Catalogue

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PAMELA25 viewsHerbaceous clematis 4 - 6 ft., and flowering June to September.
Pure white flowers with pale yellow stamens.
Plant in a sunny border to enjoy the sweet perfume.
Ready now in 2 litre deep pots, big roots,

Apr 04, 2022
Little Nell53 views
Small creamy white flowers with lilac pink edges

A class plant

Flowers July to September
Height 10 ft to 12 ft
Any aspect
Hard prune in february


£ 12 . 00
Jan 29, 2022
cylindrica SWEDISH BELLS67 viewsPale blue bells with paler margins on this superb herbaceous perennial clematis,
Height 4 ft to 5 ft., and Flowering July to September, looks stunning in the mixed herbaceous border through a small obelisk.
We are selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot with big roots, ready to plant now.

£ 12.
Nov 21, 2021
Texensis Group DEDICATION72 viewsVery rare texensis cultivar raised by the legendary Barry Fretwell, Dark purple red tulip shaped flowers with lighter coloured exterior from June to September.
Height 8 to 10 ft.
Pruning Group 3
Selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot,

£ 15
Nov 20, 2021
Viorna Group TUTTI FRUTTI68 viewsNew Viorna Group cultivar which I bred a few years ago and recently Registered.
Small tubular purple bell flowers with white tips on this climber to about 6 ft.
Flowers all summer then silky persistent seedheads.
Looks good through yellow or pink roses.
Selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now.

£ 20
Nov 20, 2021
Montana Group PINK PERFECTION66 viewsThis was clematis montana PINK PERFECTION in the far corner of our garden about 10 years ago, sadly the old tree that it was growing through died and had to be removed.
I have plants of PINK PERFECTION ready now.
Strongly scented, some say vanilla, and flowering May/June, but be warned, this cultivar can climb or scramble to 10 metres.
Plants ready in 2 litre deep pots with big roots.

£ 12
Nov 20, 2021
Viorna Group LUCILLE65 viewsNEW, first time offered this Viorna Group cultivar bred here at Hawthornes Nursery,
National Collection Holders of Clematis Viorna.
Nodding red bells from June to September, followed by silky, persistent, seedheads.
Height to about 8 ft
Prune hard in February, Group 3 pruning.
Selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now.

£ 18
Nov 20, 2021
Integrifolia Group ELLY ELISABETH66 viewsRare, unusual, herbaceous clematis with reddy pink bells,
Raised by Willem Straver in Germany.
Height about 5 ft to 6ft
Flowering June to September,
Prune hard in Spring, Group 3 pruning.
Established plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now

£ 15
Nov 20, 2021
Late Large Flowered Group PRINCE CHARLES62 viewsMasses of medium sized pale blue flowers from July to September,
Height about 7ft to 10 ft
Any aspect
Hard prune every February ( Group 3 pruning )

I am selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot with big root system, ready to plant.
Picture shows the parent plant here in Summer.

£ 15
Nov 20, 2021
Montana Group SHELLY45 viewsA NEW form of clematis montana, a scented climber to over 12 ft.,
Now is ideal time for planting these Spring flowering beauties, perfect for walls, fences, pergolas, more sun, more scent.
I am selling plants in 2 litre pots, 2 year old, ready to plant now.

£ 15
Nov 20, 2021
Viticella Group AYAKO64 viewsFirst time offered in the UK this new Viticella Group cultivar was bred by Raymond Evison, of Guernsey Clematis fame, and grown here under licence.
A stunning flower colour, very floriferous, from July until September, and not over tall, 6 or 7 ft,
Clematis AYAKO ( Evipo112 )
I am really impressed with the flower colour.
Plants ready now in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant.

£ 15
Nov 20, 2021
Viorna Group PRINCESS RED32 viewsDeep red, bell-shaped, flowers, some say scented, on this hardy perennial climber growing 6 ft to 7 ft.

Flowers June to September, superb for growing through a shrub or in a large pot with trellis or obelisk.

Hard prune in February ( Group 3 pruning )

2 year old plant in big pot, ready to plant now.

£ 20
Nov 20, 2021
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